Cool Page v2.5
HTML Beginner Editor

Company: 3Dize
Version: 2.7
Size: 2.54MB
Rating: Good
Requirements: Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or later and Windows 95, 98, or NT
Purchase Information: FreeWare

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Cool Page is one of those programs you don't want to pass up it just sounds to good to be true. It has a really nice WYSIWYG editor with drag and drop features for everything from counters to animated gifs. It does what was originally intended for web designers and keeps the html code under wraps. Oh don't fret you can always edit your html in notepad if you absolutely have to but with this one you really needn't worry about that. Want a background just pick one out from the many offered and drag and drop it into your page. Want a space bar? Pick one out drag and drop it right where you want it. This version has a good help tutorial and wizards galore to scoot you along very nicely. It is meant for those with no experience in html and it does a very fine job at simplifying it and making much fun for the beginner. It has a built in FTP client to upload your files to your web server. From beginner to expert this one is definitely worth checking out.






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