Personal Firewall Utility

Company: Zone Labs Inc.
Version: v2.6.357
Date: 10/11/01
Size: 2.78MB
Rating: Excellent
Requirements: Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000
Purchase Information: Free

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ZoneAlarm sets up a personal firewall on your home PC that is particularly suited for Cable Modem and DSL users but conventional phone line connections may also use this utility. It is very easy to configure and the initial set up is a breeze. It allows you to choose from 3 security levels ranging from low, medium and high. You may be surprised as to what is going on without your knowledge and if there is anything unusual you can stop it in its tracks. Trojan horse viruses are notorious for gaining access without ones knowledge. Next to a virus scanner this is a good way to check out your system to see if anything is going on under the tables that you should be concerned about. Each time a program attempts to access ZoneAlarm will notify you with a pop-up window and ask you whether or not to allow it this one time or for all future accesses. When any event occurs that ZoneAlarm blocks the user is immediately notified. Cable Modem users and DSL users will be especially gratified to know that it blocks port scans, Trojan horse scans to name just a few. It has been estimated that a typical PC is scanned anywhere from a couple times daily up to 20+. No need to worry when you have ZoneAlarm at your side it will block them out and keep your information secure. ZoneAlarm 2.6 features a new tutorial, improved color-coded Alerts with ratings and advice, as well as enhanced online help. ZoneAlarm 2.6 also has "hardened" security at the operating system level to safeguard users from the latest forms of Internet sabotage and includes improved intrusion blocking.

Note: This download is free for individuals and nonprofit organizations. For commercial and government use, registration is $19.95

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