What is a download:
A download is a file that you retrieve from a server by clicking on it and saving it on your PC.

What is in the file:
Usually it will be a program that you will install and run on your PC. They come in different formats if it comes in zip (if the last 3 letters of the file name is zip) format then you will need a unzipping utility to unzip your file to get at the program which will be a .exe.

How do I download:
Say for instance you want to download WinZip which is on the left of this page. You would left click on it double if you have to and then a window will come up that says File Download. It will have 2 check circles on it. Make sure the Save This Program To Disk one is checked then click OK. Now another little box comes up and says SAVE AS. Now if you are new to this you want to save it to somewhere that you can easily find it right? Right! if by default it does not already say save to desktop (if it does then just click Save and you are on your way) If not then right beside the Save As window at the top is a little box with a file and an arrow pointing up. Just keep clicking on that until it says desktop in the little window. Then click on Save. It will now begin downloading

Now What:
When your file is finished downloading another little window will pop up that says download complete just click OK.To Install your file find it on your desktop if its a zip file you'll need to unzip it in order to extract the exe.If its already an exe file double click and follow instructions accordingly. By default it will install to your C/Programs and you will be on your way.

A short guide to downloading and installing programs.



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